Monday, 7 August 2017

In conversation with…. Artist Tom Hackney

In conversation with….                            Artist Tom Hackney

A new series where members of the cooperative have a natter and get to know a little about what sparks our creative spirits as artists and makers.

Ronnie chats to Tom to discover that he lived in the mountain village of Denia, Costa Blanca, where the sun is said to shine 320 days a year and the town celebrates more fiestas and carnivals than any other in Spain. Looking at the vitality of Tom’s abstract work, it embodies the spirit of celebration being full of colour and energetic movement.
So Tom, what drew you to Staffordshire after Spain?
"On returning to England after living in Spain for 10 years, I had to find a place to live. On a recommendation from a friend I decided to checkout Stone. I was pleasantly surprised to find a delightful market town with friendly people and great links to Staffordshire's beautiful countryside, I was sold.

Staffordshire Artist Cooperative members living in Stone
Left to right: Noel Bennett, Jo Hill, Tina Paramore, Craig Sumner, Jo Hearn, Tom Hackney

“It wasn’t long before I found Gallery at12 in Eccleshall displaying an interesting array of talents. I loved the concept of like-minded people sharing thoughts and ideas as a friendly co-operative. I joined as a member and have enjoyed nearly 5 years of treasured moments.”

I understand you took to art as a youngster Tom. How did you start out?
“My passion for artistic expression started at an early age. The enjoyment I got from creating crazy cartoon characters and wacky alien worlds encouraged me to explore all of the mediums and subject matter. From the delicate washes of watercolour, on to using bold oil and acrylic and mixed media.”

I love painting vibrant abstract pieces onto large canvases or board. I totally lose myself in the moment. I am a very happy chappy!" 
Where else can we see your work Tom?
“Three of my pieces have been selected for the Three Counties 2017 exhibition, currently on show in Burslem School of Art until 31st August.”
“There’s always some of my art on display in Gallery at 12, Eccleshall and some up on the walls of Tylmans in Stone. There are more examples on the gallery website.”

RonnieCruwys/TH/Gallery at 12/Aug 2017

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