Thursday, 12 July 2012

the future is bright ...

Students from Newcastle-under-Lyme College have been invited to exhibit in the Gallery this month.
Today was my first opportunity to view the exhibition -
Some of our members viewed their work at the college end of year exhibition and selected a few students to exhibit their work in the Gallery -
below are some examples of the students work

Grace Loud - wire work - tea set -

Rachael Anne Marie Neale - artist, illustrator, Graphic designer -

Natalie Carter - Surface Pattern Designer

Chelsea Egan Clews - Textile Artist -

Sian Louise Mellor - Textile Designs-

Amy Ostrouchow - Riggi Design

Charlotte Kelly - prints

Kate Leonard - Illustration and design

Frances Massey - print maker / surface pattern designer

Jayne Candlin - Fine Artist -

Tristan Cresswell Brodie -

Shelley Gregory - Contemporary Fine Art -

Lucinder Pender - Textile Artist