Monday, 23 October 2017

Ronnie Cruwys in conversation with Tina Paramore – Paper sculpture artist October 2017

Ronnie Cruwys in conversation with Tina Paramore – Paper sculpture artist   October 2017

Tell me a little about your childhood Tina - where were you born?

‘I was born in Andernach, Germany. My mum was a potter and Dad was a stone mason. Dad used to take me around his stone mason’s yard and Mum would make little clay things with me – she was full of creative ideas.’

So, what brought you to the UK?

My husband! First to Bromsgrove where we lived for about ten years or so. 

Now I know that you live on a narrow boat, but what prompted you make the move from land to water? 
We had been on a few narrow boat holidays and we both really liked the canals. When we moved house, we went to live by a canal and a boat came with the house! We did give it a lot of thought that we might enjoy living on a boat but I was working in a software company at the time so this wouldn’t have been practical. Then I was made redundant and it was a few years later that we moved into a narrow boat. 
From here I made a career change down a more artistic path. I began sign writing and narrow boat painting. 

What made you turn toward the creative papier mache figures that you make now?
It was after my Mum died in 2008. She was a papier mache artist and left all her materials and kit to me so I stepped into her shoes. 

What figures are you working on at the moment Tina?
As our canal moorings are in the forest, I’m creating lots of magical woodland fairies, tree spirits, elves and nature spirits. 

Look out for plenty of new creations coming to the gallery very soon!

Thanks Tina!