Saturday, 9 June 2012

Exhibition extended

If you read my post on Tuesday 8th May you would have seen the fantastic photographic work by Richard Greswell and the lovely jewellery by his wife Carol. Their work was being exhibited in our Gallery for the whole of May and we are happy to say that we invited them extend their exhibition into June so if you haven't been in to view their work there is still time!

Richard's profile
'I have taken photographs for over 30 years but only recently since my career as a research scientist ended, have I been able to devote my time and interest to digital photography. Whilst landscapes and the natural world are my favourite subjects I enjoy creating images using various styles and influences from graphic design to contemporary themes.
Good landscape images are created by interplay between natural forms and light, where location, weather and timing successfully combine in order to encapsulate and convey the mood of the scene, softness or strength of the subject. To further this concept I often utilise a variety of post processing approaches to enhance and distill the sense of time and place whereby the image may more strongly communicate the intended mood to the viewer. By controlling the elements within the image, such as composition, detail and tonal range, the essence of the image and hence it's message may more powerfully be conveyed'

Carol' profile

'I have always had a fascination with jewellery but have only recently begun to make it myself. On a recent trip to Cornwall I was entranced by jewellery made from sea glass: remnants of glass tumbled by the oceans. On seeing similar beads I have started to make necklaces and earrings branching out into different types of beads and designs,using colour, shape and wire to enhance each element. I enjoy all aspects of the craft and am beginning to experiment with semi-precious jewels and metal work as my confidence and artistic skills develop.'

You can currently view this exhibition in Gallery at 12, Eccleshall, Staffordshire.